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If time is money, Spice World Peeled Garlic is a solid investment. Pre-peeled and ready for you to mince, chop, slice, or toss into any recipe for a convenient and confident boost to your dish!



Leave the peeling to us! Our fresh peeled garlic is ready for mincing, chopping, crushing or slicing — adding a little (or a LOT) of flavor and convenience to your home-cooked meals.

Get right to chopping, mincing or slicing our fresh peeled organic garlic cloves for your favorite recipes. A great way to add the perfect bite of flavor without all the messy “paperwork” of peeling.

Grown under the Californian sun and picked while the stems are still fresh and green, this limited time garlic is tender, aromatic, and slightly milder than garlic harvested later in the season. Enhance your favorite dishes with the bright and savory flavor.