Our Story

Our Story

For the Love of Flavor

Our story began over 70 years ago when Andy Caneza returned home after WW2. While overseas, “Pops” as he was known, experienced a spicy and savory flavor and he was passionate to share it with his family and friends. That flavor was garlic! 

The aspiring entrepreneur borrowed $10 from his fiancé, Ann, and began selling garlic to a local grocer in his New Orleans neighborhood. Soon thereafter Andy and Ann were married and the Spice World story was born.  

A Deep Passion for Quality

The Canezas spent the 1950s and 60s driving their station wagon full of fresh garlic to grocers across the country as they grew the business. Andy was passionate about providing his customers with the very best garlic when and wherever they needed it. His mission was to bring everyone a world full of flavor, year-round. Since those early days, quality, consistency, and flavor have always been our North Star thanks to our Founder. That passion still guides us every day in all we do. 

Always Fresh and Flavorful

Consumers love fresh produce — all year long. Spice World grows fresh garlic in California, Shallots in the Pacific Northwest and sources the finest Ginger from our partner growers around the globe. We also source the finest fresh produce as we follow the sun in the best growing regions to ensure consistent high-quality and availability.    

Flavor Without Boundaries

Why do we do what we do? Simple, we believe flavor has no boundaries. Just like our Founder, we love sharing exciting and bold flavors.  We focus on making flavor easy for busy families which is why we created the ready- to-use minced, peeled and squeezable garlic and ginger options. Cooks have come to appreciate the convenience of adding a quick and savory flavor boost from the Spice World family of products.  And now, a world of flavor is just a spoonful away with our exciting new line of Seasoning Blends. You’ll find us in the produce section of your favorite store. 

Be Flavorful

Unleash your passion for making savory, enjoyable meals using Spice World garlic, shallots, or ginger. From the moment you catch that amazing aroma, everyone will know you’re creating something wonderful for your family and friends! Spice World is here for you when it’s time for fresh, and time for flavor!