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Cold Weather Recipes that Inspire

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Easy Weeknight Chili

In the hustle and bustle of weeknights it can be difficult to make a filling yet healthy meal for your family. This super-simple chili is the solution to hectic evenings with both stovetop and crockpot directions.

Sautéed Easy Onion Mushrooms on Steak Mobile Hero

Sautéed Easy Onion Mushrooms

Top your steak with some delicious mushrooms sautéed with Spice World Easy Onion.

chicken wings tossed

Chili Onion Crunch Chicken Wings

Looking for a recipe to knock it out of the park at your next party or tailgate? Look no further than these savory wings made with Spice World Kickin’ Chili Onion Crunch Seasoning Blend to wow your family and friends!

Rooted in Passion

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The founder of Spice World, Andy “Pops” Caneza, had the ambition of sharing flavor all year long by using the freshest garlic available. For over 70 years, this commitment to quality, availability, and convenience has been the reason why we are “America’s Favorite Garlic.” Pops’ passion for delivering fresh flavor is seen in all our products, but it may just be more apparent in our people. Today, that passion continues in the Spice World Family.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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We’re bringing the flavor to our partnership with Orlando City and Orlando Pride soccer teams! Watch as we go for the goal, sharing all-star recipes from your favorite players—complete with a Spice World kick!
We’ve built a cooking community of those who’ve come to appreciate the convenience of a quick flavor boost. Discover delicious recipes from Spice World fans or submit one of your own to add to our tasteful collection.
We’re BIG fans of garlic and ginger, not just for their incredible flavors but for their many health benefits as well! From being rich in antioxidants to keeping your heart healthy, these superfoods are certainly something.

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Try Spice World garlic, ginger, Easy Onion, shallots, and organic products

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At Spice World, we continue to innovate and expand our fresh line of convenient flavors with a simple goal: to elevate the way consumers eat by providing Flavor Without Boundaries. ™ It could be said that nobody does innovation better than Spice World. We’ve grown from our garlic roots into a category leader that is passionate about providing a variety of innovative products, from peeled, ready-to-use, and organic garlic to fresh shallots, ready-to-use and squeezable ginger, Seasoning Blends, and new Spice World Easy Onion – a minced and chopped onion in a squeezable bottle. With products that already prepared in convenient jars and easy-to-use squeezable bottles, we’ve helped reduce prep time so you can focus on flavor. Even a spoonful of one of our Spice World Seasoning Blends or minced garlic products will enhance your meals with bold tastes. Just like our founder, we love sharing these exciting flavors. That’s why, at Spice World, we source the finest fresh produce by following the sun to ensure consistency in quality and availability.