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To celebrate National Garlic Day, Spice World offers a few fun facts about garlic.

Spice World joins chefs, foodies, and home cooks nationwide to celebrate National Garlic Day on April 19 and pay homage to one of the most versatile ingredients in cuisines today. Loved for its robust flavor, garlic adds a spicy kick to appetizers, dips, soups main courses and much more.

Many consumers also take a hybrid approach to meal prep by combining scratch and ready-to-use items in their recipes.

Spice World’s broad variety of fresh and ready-to-use garlic, onion and ginger offerings meet consumers’ continued demands for innovative flavors in their meals. At Expo West 2024, Spice World will highlight the versatility of its organic offerings with recipes featuring Asian, Middle Eastern and Caribbean cuisine among others.

Both jar and squeeze bottles have helped consumers with meal prep and have become a mainstay in produce departments.

Earlier this year, Spice World, a specialty-produce company, expanded its ready-to-use product portfolio with the addition of Easy Onion 16-ounce jars, building off its launch of the squeezable Easy Onion in 2022.

Spice World announced the appointment of Lisa B. Rosenberg as its new director of research and development.

In this newly created role, Lisa will lead Spice World’s robust innovation program designed to deliver on consumers’ desires to elevate the way they eat with innovative, convenient and fresh flavor.

Survey showed that 53 percent of consumers want ways to make meal prep easier.

Spice World’s wide variety of prepared garlic, onion and ginger offerings meets consumers’ demands for ease in meal prep and for variety in global flavors for family meals. At the 2023 IFPA Global Produce & Floral Show, Spice World highlighted the versatility of its ingredients with recipes featuring Asian, Italian, and Caribbean cuisine, among others.

Smaller households, younger adult consumers, and urban dwellers will have an outsized impact on the food and beverage industry.

The aftereffects of the extended COVID-19 pandemic and crushing food price inflation aren’t the only factors reshaping the U.S. food and beverage landscape. Major demographic transitions are playing a significant a role as well.

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Bountiful garlic displays featuring fresh bulbs and refrigerated options empower home cooks.

Chopped, shaved, pickled or pureed; crushed, minced, diced, or whole, garlic is one vegetable flavor-seekers can’t live without. This year-round consumer quest is excellent news for retailers. Why should retailers create a garlic experience for shoppers? Flavor. Flavor drives garlic sales, but savvy retailers know to connect with customers and encourage broadened purchases by offering significant garlic displays — and plenty of information on the many ways to use it.

No more peeling, chopping or tears with onion prep

Spice World, the Orlando-based specialty produce company known for its fresh and convenient garlic, ginger, onion and shallots, has introduced a new 16-ounce jar of Easy Onion to its popular product portfolio. Easy Onion is a convenient, ready-to-use product that adds delicious, fresh flavor to any recipe without the peeling, chopping, or tears usually associated with onions.