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Bountiful garlic displays featuring fresh bulbs and refrigerated options empower home cooks.

Chopped, shaved, pickled or pureed; crushed, minced, diced, or whole, garlic is one vegetable flavor-seekers can’t live without. This year-round consumer quest is excellent news for retailers. Why should retailers create a garlic experience for shoppers? Flavor. Flavor drives garlic sales, but savvy retailers know to connect with customers and encourage broadened purchases by offering significant garlic displays — and plenty of information on the many ways to use it.

No more peeling, chopping or tears with onion prep

Spice World, the Orlando-based specialty produce company known for its fresh and convenient garlic, ginger, onion and shallots, has introduced a new 16-ounce jar of Easy Onion to its popular product portfolio. Easy Onion is a convenient, ready-to-use product that adds delicious, fresh flavor to any recipe without the peeling, chopping, or tears usually associated with onions.

Orlando-Based Company Recently Named to Nielsen’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Emerging Brands Announces New Line of Internationally Inspired Flavor Enhancers

Spice World, the Orlando, Florida-based specialty brand known for its fresh flavorings, convenient and always-in-season garlic, ginger and shallots, is unveiling a transformative new line of global inspired cooking and seasoning blends that adds international flair to any home cooked dish called Global Flavors™. These five new flavors, which deliver on Spice World’s promise to provide Flavor Without Boundaries™, follow on the heels of Spice World being named to Nielsen’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Emerging Brands.