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One of the advantages of garlic is the many forms it comes in, making it an easy addition to many dishes. But having a variety of options available may leave you wondering, “How do I cook this?” Here are some quick and easy tips for preparing garlic!

How to Prepare Garlic

Fresh garlic — Look for a firm head of garlic as this means it’s more fresh and flavorful. To section the garlic, push it into a hard surface (like a cutting board or countertop) to break the cloves apart. To peel the cloves, hit one with the side of a knife and remove the skin. You can mince your cloves of garlic, slice them, or sauté them whole, depending on the needs of your recipe. Spice World provides both fresh garlic and already-peeled garlic cloves.

Minced garlic — You will see this ingredient called for in many marinades and sautéed dishes, thanks to the incredible flavor it infuses into dishes. Minced garlic can be bought ready-to-use in a jar or in a squeeze bottle, and you can quickly figure out substitute portions for fresh garlic by checking out the substitution ratio information on the container. To mince fresh garlic, simply lay the flat side of a knife over the clove (paper still on) and smash it. Removing the paper is much easier after the clove has already smashed. Roughly chop the clove with a chef’s knife then use a rocking motion to chop the garlic until it’s finely minced. Be careful when browning minced garlic; overcooking can happen quickly because of its small size, which will leave you with burnt garlic bits.

Mashed garlic — If you want a mild garlic taste in your dish, mashing garlic cloves into a paste is a good option. You can do this with the side of your knife or, if you want to mash lots of garlic, you can place all the cloves in a zip top plastic bag and roll over them with a rolling pin. Mashed garlic is great for making a rub to cover poultry before roasting, and can be added right before a dish is finished cooking, as it doesn’t need much time on the heat thanks to its mashed state. 

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