Dr. Gustavo Gonzalez

Dr. Gustavo Gonzalez began his education by receiving a BS in Food Engineering from ITESM Campus Monterrey, Mexico. He went on to receive a Ph.D and M.S in Meat Sciences from Iowa State University, and a Masters Certificate in Business Management from Tulane University. Dr. Gonzalez previously served as the Corporate Director of Food Safety and Regulatory Compliance for Jack in the Box, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise. He has extensive knowledge of program implementation like GFSI standards, allergen control, environmental monitoring, and sanitation. His insight also extends to distribution channels, retail operations, restaurant operations, plant operations, as well as knowledge in the areas of food products processing, training, and auditing functions. His passion for food safety and sciences is present in his rich work history that spans over several companies, industries, and countries. Dr. Gonzalez has more than 27 years of experience in driving strategic planning and implementation of policies and procedures that govern food safety and quality programs in food companies, restaurants, and distribution centers. His technical expertise paired with his love for food has elevated the Spice World team to new heights, prioritizing safety, health, and flavor in new and innovative ways. Almost three decades of experience gives Dr. Gonzalez the necessary body of knowledge to help educate others in his field of expertise. Serving as an International HACCP Alliance Lead Instructor, he has instructed students in both Spanish and English in the field of Animal and Meat Sciences. Spice World is proud to have Dr. Gonzalez as a part of the team and to utilize his vast experience.

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