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OCT 19-21, 2023 ANAHEIM, CA.

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October 20, 2023

Spice World’s wide variety of prepared garlic, onion and ginger offerings meet consumers’ demands for ease in meal prep and for variety in global flavors for family meals. At the 2023 IFPA Global Produce and Floral Show, Spice World will highlight the versatility of its ingredients with recipes featuring Asian, Italian, and Caribbean cuisine, among others.

Taste of Home magazine surveyed more than 4,000 people over age 18 in 2022 to see how eating habits changed since 2020 and found that 60% cook at home more than five days a week.1  The survey also showed that 53% of consumers want ways to make meal prep easier.

“Convenience for consumers is a leading factor in developing Spice World product lines,” said Chris Kiser, CEO of Spice World. “Many consumers take a hybrid approach to meal prep by combining scratch and pre-prepared items in their recipes. When you combine need for convenience with the demand for global flavors, Spice World pre-chopped garlic, onion and ginger are often the key ingredients consumers reach for to create distinctive and authentic ethnic meals at home.”

According to Datassential, 58% of Gen Z consumers eat globally inspired foods each week; followed by 48% of Millennials, 34% of Gen X and 19% of Baby Boomers and older.3  Some of the most popular global flavors noted were Japanese, Korean, Thai, Greek and Middle Eastern cuisines – and they all prominently feature garlic, onion and ginger.

“Spice World products work in a wide variety of cuisines, especially Asian and Latin cuisines that combine chiles for heat and garlic for bold flavors,” continued Kiser. “Our garlic, onion and ginger options help provide a great variety of meal options for consumers.” 

Spice World will celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2024 and is extremely proud of its history. The company was started by Andy “Pops” Caneza in 1949, with the help of a $10 loan from his fiancé Ann, and has been trusted by consumers ever since to provide the freshest possible garlic and other flavorful products. Spice World’s garlic is grown in California’s San Joaquin Valley, and the company also has a team that travels the globe to source the freshest garlic beyond California’s growing season.

Among the menu samples at the 2023 IFPA show, Spice World will highlight its minced garlic, chopped onion and minced ginger in taste-tempting recipes including: Cheesy Garlic Bread, Karaage Marinated Garlic Chicken, Ginger Scallion Pesto Cold Noodle Salad, Easy Onion Meatballs, and a refreshing Agua Fresca drink.

About Spice World

Established in 1949, Spice World is dedicated to helping consumers elevate the way they eat by delivering innovative flavors that remove the common obstacles of prep time, seasonality, and clean-up. The wide variety of Spice World products allow home cooks to easily create rich, flavorful dishes for the entire family to savor. Anchored by the fresh bold flavor of garlic, Spice World’s offerings also include zesty ginger and hearty shallots, offered in ready-to-use, peeled and squeezable versions to help make meal prep and cooking more convenient. The Spice World line-up also includes fresh, ready-to-use seasoning blends. For more information about Spice World, please visit

1 – Taste of Home, Cooking Study 2022

2 – Datassential, 2023. Decoding the American Diet.

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Spice World Ginger Scallion Pesto Cold Noodle Salad

1 serving
6 oz soba noodles, cooked and strained
3 Tbs ginger scallion pesto*
¼ tsp sesame seeds
¼ cup shredded carrots
¼ cup green peppers, diced
¼ tsp green onions, minced
½ cup shredded purple cabbage
Topping: crispy shallots of fried onions


Combine everything in a medium-sized bowl and mix well. Garnish with crispy shallots or fried onions. Serve immediately or refrigerate ingredients separately up to 5 days.

*Ginger Scallion Pesto

2 ¼ cups
3 oz green onions (both white and green parts), sliced thinly
1 cup Spice World Minced Ginger
1 cup vegetable oil
1.5 tsp salt
1.5 tsp light soy sauce
2.5 tsp fresh squeezed lemon juice


Put ginger and green onions into food processor and mince together. Remove from food processor and combine with other ingredients and blend with whisk.


Karaage Spice World Minced Garlic Marinated Chicken

3 to 5 servings
1.5 lbs boneless skin-on chicken thighs
½ tsp kosher salt
¼ tsp ground black pepper
½ tsp Spice World Minced Ginger
½ tsp Spice World Minced Garlic
½ tsp soy sauce
½ tsp sake
½ tsp sesame oil
¼ tsp granulated sugar
3 Tbs potato starch
3 Tbs all-purpose flour


Cut chicken thighs into a 1” x 1” dice and set aside. Combine salt, pepper, garlic, ginger, soy, sake, sesame oil and sugar. Mix well and then add chicken thighs. Cover and marinade in refrigerator for 30 mins to 1 hour. While chicken is marinated, pour 4 cups of vegetable oil into a Dutch oven and heat to 325F degrees on medium heat. While oil is heating, mix together potato starch and flour in mixing bowl. Dredge each piece of chicken in flour mixture.


Check that oil has reached 325 F (163C). Gently submerge 3 to 5 chicken pieces at a time (do not overcrowd). Deep fry each piece for 1 minute or until outside of chicken is a light golden color. If it browns too quickly, the oil temp is too high. Adjust heat as needed and continue with remaining chicken. Transfer the chicken pieces to a wire rack to drain the excess oil.


Now heat oil to 350F degrees. Place 3 to 5 pieces of the resting chicken back into the oil and deep-fry for 1 minute or until the skin is golden brown and crispy. Transfer them to wire rack again to drain excess oil. Continue with remaining chicken.

Garlic Ginger Kewpie Mayo

1 cup
1 Tbs Spice World Minced Garlic
1 Tbs Spice World Minced Ginger
2 Tbs fresh squeezed lemon juice
1 cup Kewpie Mayo


Combine all ingredients together and serve as sauce for Karaage Chicken.

Spice World Easy Onion Meatballs

Makes 24 1.5” meatballs
½ cup plain bread crumbs
1 egg, beaten
1 lb ground beef 80/20
¼ cup milk
½ cup Spice World Easy Onion
½ tsp salt
½ tsp soy sauce
¼ tsp fresh ground pepper


Heat oven to 400F. Line baking pan with foil and spray with cooking spray. In a large bowl, combine all ingredients. Mix well with hands, working bread crumbs into the meat. Gently roll the mixture into 24 1.5” meatballs and place 1” apart on the pan. Bake uncovered for 18 to 22 minutes or until internal temperature reaches 160F and no longer pink in the center. They should be lightly browned. As they finish, add the meatballs into your red sauce and simmer in sauce for an hour on low heat.

Delicious Red Sauce

Makes 7+ cups
2 28-oz canscanned, peeled, whole tomatoes
2 Tbs olive oil
3 Tbs Spice World Easy Onion
3 Tbs Spice World Minced Garlic
1 6-oz can tomato paste


Crush tomatoes by hand, a food mill or food processor to form a rough puree. Heat oil in a large Dutch oven over med-heat until shimmering. Add garlic and onions and cook, stirring, until softened but not browned (about 1 minute). Add tomato paste and cook, stirring, until fragrant, about 1 minute longer. Add crushed tomatoes, bring to a simmer, cover and reduce heat to low. Season lightly with salt and pepper.

Spice World Cheesy Garlic Bread

Makes 12 Slices
1 loaf French bread
½ cup softened butter
½ tsp garlic salt
1.5 Tbs Spice World Minced Garlic
1 tsp Italian seasoning
½ cup low-moisture mozzarella cheese
½ cup Colby Jack cheese, shredded
1 tsp dried parsley


Heat over to 400F degrees. Cut French bread loaf lengthwise and place on top of a baking sheet. In a small bowl combine butter, garlic powder, minced garlic, dried parsley and Italian seasoning. Spread evenly on each side of the bread loaf. Top with Colby Jack and mozzarella cheese. Bake in the oven for 12-15 minutes until cheese is melted and bubbly. You can also broil the top for 1-2 minutes at the end if you desire a crisp top.

Spice World Garlic Confit

Makes 1.5 cups
¾ cup Spice World Peeled Garlic Cloves
2 cups vegetable oil


Preheat oven to 250F. Place garlic and oil in a small ovenproof saucepan (add more oil if cloves aren’t submerged). Cover and bake until cloves are golden and tender, about 2 hours. Let cool; transfer garlic and oil to an airtight container and chill.

Caramelized Spice World Easy Onion Dip

Makes 4 cups
2 Tbsbutter
1.5 cups Spice World Easy Onion
1.25 cups sour cream
4 ozs cream cheese, softened
½ Tbs finely chopped fresh parsley
¼ tspWorcestershire sauce
¼ tsponion powder
Salt & pepper to taste


In large skillet, melt the butter. Add onion and cook over medium-low heat, stirring occasionally until gold brown (about 25 minutes). Stirring until the bourbon has evaporated, around 5 minutes. Let the onions cool in refrigerator. Transfer the onions to a food processor, add sour cream, cream cheese, parsley, onion powder and Worcestershire and pulse until onions are broken up and all ingredients are incorporated and slightly chunky. Season with salt and pepper.


Jamaica Agua Fresca

Makes 1 quart
½ cup hibiscus flowers
1 cinnamon stick
1 quart cold water
Ginger Simple Syrup to taste*


Steep the hibiscus and cinnamon stick in cold water overnight (8 hours). Strain the hibiscus and stick and save the liquid. Add ginger simple syrup to your preference.

Ginger Simple Syrup

Makes 1 cup
1 cup granulated sugar
1 cup water
1 cup Spice World Minced Ginger


Combine sugar and water in a saucepan over medium heat. Still until sugar is dissolved. Add ginger and continue bringing the syrup to a light boil. Once it has come to a light boil, cover the saucepan with a lid and reduce the heat to low and simmer for another 20 minutes. Turn the heat off and let it sit for 1 hour. After the hour, strain the ginger and save the liquid store in a sealable container in the refrigerator.