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Spice World Celebrates National Garlic Day 2024 With Fun Garlic Facts and Garlic Products to Make Meal Prep Easier

ORLANDO, Fla., March 13, 2024 – Spice World joins chefs, foodies, and home cooks nationwide to celebrate National Garlic Day on April 19 and pay homage to one of the most versatile ingredients in cuisines today. Loved for its robust flavor, garlic adds a spicy kick to  appetizers, dips, soups main courses and much more.

To celebrate National Garlic Day, Spice World offers a few fun facts about garlic:

  • In 2023, Americans bought approximately 107.1 million pounds of garlic cloves totaling approximately 1.71 billion bulbs.
  • Garlic cloves generally measure 1.5” in diameter, so if you placed all the bulbs bought in the United States side by side, it would cross the United States nearly 10 times or circle the earth!
  • Garlic was discovered as early as 2000 BC and has been enjoyed ever since for its culinary, medicinal, and folkloric use.
  • California is the leading producer of garlic in the United States, responsible for 400 million pounds of garlic.
  • Garlic is high in antioxidants manganese, selenium, vitamin C and B6. It has been shown to lower total cholesterol1, reduce blood pressure2, and reduce the severity of the common cold3.
  • Cloves of garlic were discovered in the tomb of King Tut.
  • In folklore, garlic was believed to ward off evil spirits. In primeval times, people wore garlic around their necks and smeared it on their foreheads to repel spirits.

“If you are marking National Garlic Day this year, we hope you’ll reach for one of Spice World’s flavorful garlic products to make your meal prep easier.” said Chris Kiser, CEO of Spice World. “Our garlic comes in conventional and organic options of  whole cloves, peeled cloves, pre-chopped, pre-minced and squeezable varieties.”

About Spice World

Established in 1949, Spice World is dedicated to helping consumers elevate the way they eat by delivering innovative flavors that remove the common obstacles of prep time, seasonality, and clean-up. The wide variety of Spice World products allow home cooks to easily create rich, flavorful dishes for the entire family to savor. Anchored by the fresh bold flavor of garlic, Spice World’s offerings also include zesty ginger and hearty shallots, offered in ready-to-use, peeled and squeezable versions to help make meal prep and cooking more convenient. The Spice World line-up also includes fresh, ready-to-use seasoning blends. For more information about Spice World, please visit spiceworldinc.com.

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2 – Journal of Nutrition, February 2016.

– The Journal of Clinical Hypertension, March 2015.

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