Fresh Organic Garlic

Add a little vibrance to your pantry with Spice World Purple Garlic! Also known as garlic ‘Morado’ and originally a Spanish garlic variety, this beautiful bulb has a mild flavor that’s a perfect addition to any hearty meal.






Serving Size: 1 clove (4g)

Total Fat0 g
Sodium0 mg
Total Carbohydrate1 g
Protein0 g

Fresh Garlic,
Organic Garlic

What is Purple Garlic?

You may not realize it, but purple garlic is a hard-neck variety of garlic that boasts a moderate to intense, occasionally spicy taste and is smaller in size compared to its white, pungent counterpart. Grown worldwide, its unique flavor can add a mild aroma to a variety of different dishes, even having some added health benefits! Purple garlic is a great addition to most meals, and Spice World has you covered with some of the best ways to incorporate it!

Cooking with Purple Garlic

Elevate your culinary creations with purple garlic, a delightful alternative to white garlic. While it shares similarities in usage, there are some slight differences when it comes to its flavor profile. With its subtle aroma and strong taste, it can be minced, roasted, or simply sautéed to add a tasteful boost to most dishes. Perfect for salads, seasonings, or as a zesty rub on toasted bread. You can even use it raw, as it won’t overwhelm a meal with its flavor.

If you need more inspiration, just take a look at all of our tasty purple garlic dishes and find yourself a perfect recipe packed with garlicky goodness.