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Ginger: a flowering plant grown around the world and harvested primarily for its roots. You can find ginger in most stores and in a variety of forms, from a whole root to already minced ginger to powdered ginger in the baking aisle. You might think that ginger can only be used in Asian cuisine but ginger is actually quite versatile! Here are some tips for using ginger to its full potential. 

Ways to Use Ginger

Using ginger in savory dishes — Thanks to ginger’s spicy notes, it can be a surprisingly enjoyable addition to many meat and vegetable dishes. Minced ginger can be added to marinades and rubs for beef, chicken, pork, and fish to bring a whole new flavor profile. You can also add in some minced or sliced garlic to vegetable stir-fries to evoke authentic Asian cuisine flavors. 

Using ginger in sweet recipes — Ginger is a popular MVP of many holiday baking recipes, again thanks to its delightful spiciness. Gingerbread and ginger snap cookies are a great way to enjoy ginger without it being too overpowering for sensitive taste buds. Ginger is also a popular tea flavor that not only warms you up during the cold months but also delivers a hearty dose of vitamin C and antioxidants. Other drinks that can host ginger include fruit smoothies and certain sangria recipes. 

Using ginger outside of the kitchen — Ginger root can be pressed to harvest its multi-purpose essential oil. The aroma of ginger is a zesty addition to room sprays and potpourri, and ginger essential oil may help with upset stomachs, congestion, and even muscle pain. You can even use ginger in some DIY cosmetics, like face serums and hair treatments! 

The next time you see ginger root in the produce section of your favorite store, we bet that you will think twice about passing it by!  

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