Amp Up Food with Garlic

Who doesn’t love garlic-flavored food? If you’re looking for garlic flavor but don’t have tons of time, here are some quick ways to enjoy this savory spice!

Amp Food Up with Garlic

  • Infuse it — Putting garlic into olive oil enhances its flavor, which will also give additional flavor to any dish in which you use the olive oil! You can also infuse vodka with garlic to make your cocktails truly unique.
  • Spread it — Garlic bread is a classic appetizer that you can add to literally any dinner spread. Roasted elephant garlic is smooth and mild enough to be used as a spread on a good crusty piece of bread, so if you’re in a hurry but want that savory appetizer, it’s a great option.
  • Toss it — Need to use up some vegetables? Toss in some minced garlic and saute. Want to amp up your usual salad? Toss some garlic into your dressing or directly into the salad mix. Our point: all it takes is a simple toss of garlic to spice up your meal.
  • Slice it — If you don’t have minced garlic on hand, slicing your garlic is a quick way to still include garlic in your recipe. Sliced garlic is amazing in sauces and savory baked dishes. Since it’s sliced, it does need slightly more cooking time but the flavor payoff is worth it!
  • Marinade it — Marinades often call for minced garlic, and for good reason! The garlic flavor really gets infused with the protein in the marinade as the other ingredients break down the muscle, which leads to lip-smacking goodness.
  • Roast it — Roasted garlic adds a rusticity to dishes that you just can’t beat. When roasted, garlic cloves become soft and spreadable, almost like butter. Some recipes even call for roasted garlic in place of butter, like on baked potatoes or garlic bread.
  • Have fun with it! — The beauty of garlic? It has endless ways you can use it! There really isn’t a savory dish that can’t benefit from garlic, so the next time you’re cooking your go-to dinner, see if some minced garlic adds just a little something more to it.

What ways have you added garlic to your day? We hope we’ve convinced you that you don’t need tons of time in the kitchen to add a dash of garlic and enjoy the delicious flavor!

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