Fresh Organic Garlic

Take advantage of some BIG flavor with Spice World Elephant Garlic! A true giant in the garlic family, each bulb has approximately five colossal cloves chock full of a milder, sweeter taste that works well in a variety of dishes.






Serving Size: 1 clove (4g)

Total Fat0 g
Sodium0 mg
Total Carbohydrate1 g
Protein0 g

Fresh Garlic,
Organic Garlic

What is Elephant Garlic?

Did you know elephant garlic isn’t actually garlic? It’s more of a harmonious blend of leeks and garlic, closely related to the onion family. It gets its name from the sheer size of the bulb, with each of its cloves often being as large as an entire head of regular garlic. But maybe the best part about it is how it tastes in a variety of meals. This giant, versatile veggie can be enjoyed in all sorts of cooking methods, whether raw or roasted. Luckily, Spice World has some simple recipes and cooking techniques to incorporate elephant garlic in a way you are sure to love!

Cooking with Elephant Garlic

When it comes to cooking with elephant garlic there are some huge possibilities! You can grill it, roast it, purée it, pickle it, or even stir-fry it! Its versatile nature allows for all sorts of ways to prepare it, such as spreading some roasted elephant garlic on bruschetta or a baked potato. You can even elevate soups and stews with the deliciously mild, sweet flavor. Its unique depth might just be what you are missing to create your next big culinary creation!

If you need more inspiration, just take a look at all of our tasty elephant garlic dishes and find yourself a perfect recipe packed with enormous flavor!